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Welcome to the ReWild Yourself Podcast! I’m Daniel Vitalis, and I’ll be your guide through the world of human ecology and lifestyle design. We’ll explore the strategies that our ancient human bodies and minds need to thrive in a modern world — awakening our instincts and freeing ourselves from the degenerative effects of human domestication.
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Aug 31, 2016

This solo episode is a comprehensive breakdown of my experiences with barefooting. As a long-time barefooting proponent, I’ve traversed thousands of miles of various terrain with bare feet or minimalist footwear, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the often unknown and under-utilized capabilities of the human foot. I detail my experiences wearing minimalist footwear in challenges like the Tough Mudder and GoRuck, as well as during my recent backcountry hunter course. I break down my favorite minimalist footwear brands, unpack the myth of arch support and share some not often discussed benefits of barefooting that I’ve discovered over the years. Note: This podcast is best enjoyed while walking barefoot on a forest trail.


  • Daniel elaborates on his Moon Dance experience, how he learns, mentors and detoxification
  • Bear hunting update and thoughts on bio-regional animism
  • Beards
  • No shoes, no shirt, no service
  • Cody Lundin and barefoot extremism
  • Connection to our earth mother
  • Daniel’s personal barefooting journey and barefooting shoe progression
  • Experiences wearing Vibram’s during Tough Mudder & GoRuck challenges
  • Recent experience wearing Vivo boots at Magpul Backcountry Hunter Course
  • "Are those comfortable?” — other people’s impressions of minimalist footwear
  • Homunculus explained
  • Treading lightly
  • Heels and conventional footwear
  • What about arch support?
  • Some of the cons of minimalist shoes
  • Prehensility
  • Breakdown of Daniel’s favorite barefoot shoes + his current shoe collection
  • What’s in Daniel’s first aid kit
  • Feet that are adaptable to the urban and natural worlds
  • Staying in touch with our environment — feet as sensory organs
  • Being a fully developed human
Aug 24, 2016

Radiant sense-visionary Nadine Artemis — creator of Living Libations — is back on ReWIld Yourself podcast! In this interview, Nadine gives us a complete breakdown of how to properly care for our skin with the Stop, Seal and Seed approach. She shares what dietary and self-care practices are proven to produce healthy, glowing skin, as well as what hygiene products and foods are less-than-optimal. You’ll learn why bacteria is your skin’s best friend, the popular skin care product that you most want to avoid, Nadine’s core skin care recommendations and so much more. Consider this an owner’s manual for your largest organ!


  • Daniel answers your questions on glyphosate detoxification, meditation, learning practices and his favorite podcasts
  • An exciting announcement!
  • Nadine’s skin care beginnings
  • Strategy vs simplicity with skin care
  • Bacteria is our beautician
  • The damage of excessive exfoliation
  • Stop, seal and seed approach
  • Deciphering labels and so-called “natural” ingredient lists
  • The primary organ of elimination
  • Switching from conventional deodorants and shampoos
  • How Cesarean births affect a baby’s micro biome  + a solution
  • Sun is your best friend
  • Flora friends with benefits
  • Best practices for using oil on your skin
  • Nadine’s core Living Libations products
  • Nadine’s prognosis for the future of the human species
Aug 17, 2016

My long-time friend Mike Adams aka the Health Ranger joins us on the show to discuss lifestyle tips for the future human in the modern world. Mike is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist and science lab director. Mike lives his life with purpose and integrity, and his passion shines through his prolific work.

Mike shares his latest research and findings on some of our modern toxicities like GMOs, glyphosate and radioactivity, and he offers his top lifestyle strategies to maintain resiliency and robust health in our post-industrial world. We cover a lot of ground in this interview, and we do venture into some areas of our current collective reality that are less than savory. Though we don’t go too far down those rabbit holes, these are subjects that, I feel, are vital to bring into our on-going discussion as we learn to navigate and adapt to our ever-changing wild, urban and virtual environments. This conversation is a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy!


  • Daniel discusses Moon Dance and answers your questions on fear-based living and omega-3s
  • Mike’s current work online, in the lab and on his off grid homestead
  • Glyphosate — generational affects, shelf life & origins
  • The de-evolution of our human species
  • Thoughts on world population control
  • Out-smarting the robots
  • What is bio-sludge?
  • Disturbing the “happy place"
  • Fluoride
  • Maintaining physical and mental fitness
  • How Mike stays fit
  • Being reclusive vs being social
  • Living with purpose
  • GMOs & radioactivity — what’s fact, what’s hype
  • Lifestyle tips for resiliency
  • Mike’s prognosis for the future of the human species
  • Where to find Mike’s work
Aug 10, 2016

Ben Falk joins us to discuss permaculture and the art of regenerating landscapes. Ben is an author and the founder of Whole Systems Design, LLC, a land-based response to biological and cultural extinction and the increasing separation between people and elemental things. He shares about his experiences using permaculture to create edible landscapes and set ecosystems in motion. Ben, a former eco-warrior, has turned his passion for our earth into a beautiful dedication to healing the trauma of the land.


  • Daniel answer your questions on the role of dance in ReWilding and addresses your questions and comments on bear hunting
  • How Ben got into permaculture
  • Ben’s journey from eco-warrior to regenerating landscapes
  • What is permaculture?
  • Using permaculture to create habitat for other species
  • Regenerating the landscape
  • Setting ecosystems in motion
  • Intentional design vs surprise in permaculture
  • The intuitive nature of permaculture
  • Healing the trauma of the land
  • Getting started with permaculture
  • The radical backcountry farmer
  • Harnessing cross-fit energy
  • Getting involved with Ben
  • Ben’s prognosis for the future of the human species 
Aug 3, 2016

My good friend Luke Storey has spent the past 20 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principles of nature and spirituality, while embracing technology and modern convenience. Luke is back on the show for an in-depth conversation on vulnerability and authenticity in our edited modern world.

The health and personal development world tends to be filled with public figures projecting polished positivity and motivation, and while all of that has its place, true change is often inspired in others when you share vulnerabilities and shine light on your own shadows. Luke and I cover a lot of ground in this episode — from mentorship to podcasting to breatharianism to spirituality — but we continue to come back to this topic of authenticity and the rich fulfillment that comes from being true to your authentic self.


  • Daniel answers your questions on camping sleep positions, sexual mastery, BDSM and ways women can use their femininity to awaken the strong masculine in their man
  • Mentorship & the art of giving and receiving advice 
  • Luke’s new podcast: The Life Stylist
  • A peek behind the scenes of the podcasting world
  • Interviewing techniques to encourage vulnerable & authentic sharing
  • Luke’s wild Colorado upbringing
  • Diet ethics and the diet wars
  • Thoughts on breatharianism
  • Making peace with the werewolf & looking into the shadows
  • Spirituality and the ego
  • Vulnerability and a lack of authenticity in an edited modern world